Rachel, Kansas….a special small town

Simpler times. This is a fictional town emanating from The Andy Griffith Show, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and a few other plots. It is described as the “homeplate of wheat and democracy.” This is a small town from the middle of the twentieth century that embodies the ideals of Midwestern life, albeit shown in a comical fashion, not unlike River City, Iowa.

This is something my friends and I used to describe as our ideal fantasy town, where we all could live and perform an essential civic function, according to our talents and degrees. The idea of moving away after college and finding our lives separate from one another, while inevitable, is sort of depressing, and this way we could have some kind of hope in our minds.


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One response to “Rachel, Kansas….a special small town

  1. After seeing a communist government replace our Democracy, and the Constitution replaced by the Patriot Acts, it is nice to relax and reflect on more gentile times. When America and her citizens actually stood for something good, decent. And people that lived in the neighborhoods actually knew each other and had a strong sense of community.

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