Brad Paisley and Andy Griffith

I’ve always been a big fan of Brad Paisley and his music. He seems like such a genuine guy and his music speaks to me personally. One thing many don’t realize is that he’s an amazing guitarist and songwriter. He’s not a cookie-cutter country singer. So, when I saw his new video for his song “Waitin’ on a Woman” I was thrilled to see one of my heroes, Andy Griffith, in the video. What’s more…it was filmed down east in North Carolina.

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One response to “Brad Paisley and Andy Griffith

  1. PerfectMomentProject

    If Andy’s your hero, you may like this lesson learned this week about Free Lunches.

    and where it took me on my thoughts about charity. .. oh yeah, and one of my early favorite father figures.. Andy of Mayberry.

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