Surry County Tourism Partnership Begins Branding Efforts


by: Erin C. Perkins – Mount Airy News

DOBSON — You could visit for a day, but you might stay a lifetime.

It’s one of the slogans that received unanimous nods yesterday when the Tourism Partnership of Surry County met to brainstorm key elements to help brand and market the area.

Clemmons-based branding company MadCat, which the tourism organization hired last month for $25,000 to help with the branding process, created various exercises to help board members articulate what best represents the area.

Tuesday’s four-hour session was the first of a 12-week process categorized into four stages that include strategic development, positioning development, creative development and marketing development.

MadCat representatives Scott Rhodes, Melanie Barbee and Doug Shouse facilitated the group.

“It’s important we get your honest opinions,” Rhodes said. “It’s your judgment, what you feel in your heart, there’s no right or wrong.”


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