Stantonsburg, NC – Preparing for the Future

 By Matthew Esterline
NL Staff Writer

In the Wilson County town of Stantonsburg, smiling faces walk the streets and many shops and stores offer the ambiance of small town life in North Carolina.

According to Gary W. Davis, Town Manager, “Stantonsburg had a good year in 2008.” Many of the achievements that the town made in 2008 will be felt in 2009.

In 2008, Stantonsburg has benefited from the recent reduction of gas prices and has also benefited from the sale of water to Wilson County.

For 2009, Stantonsburg is making efforts to repair aging infrastructures. A sewer rehabilitation project is currently in the pipeline. This overall water system improvement project, funded by grants and low-interest loans from the USDA, aim to improve Stantonsburg’s water system, increase efficiency, and reduce costs to the local citizenry over the course of 2009 and beyond.   


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