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Andy Griffith Tribute Articles

andy griffith statueWhen our beloved “Mayberry Creator” passed away on July 3rd, 2012 the Mayberry Community reacted in kind by paying tribute after tribute on the web. Facebook absolutely exploded, as did other social networks. Soon afterward, many articles began to surface detailing Andy’s life, contributions and legacy. It’s amazing when you stop and think about how many people Andy’s life touched. I decided to collect every article I could find and share them in this post for all to read at leisure. These are wonderful. I hope you enjoy them.

Andy Griffith always remembered as sheriff of Mayberry, modeled after hometown

Andy Griffith —  A lasting legacy with timeless values

Goodbye, Mayberry

The Mayberry effect

Is the ideal of small-town America a myth?

The Small-Town Wisdom of Andy Griffith

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Upcoming Book Signings at Mayberry Days


This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Mayberry Days, the annual pilgrimage for all Andy Griffith Show fans to the town that started it all, Mount Airy, NC.

I go to Mount Airy often since I am fortunate enough to live about 25 minutes away. I see all walks of life walking around downtown…all of them excited to have found Mayberry. It can be 30 degrees and raining and there will still be a good sized group walking down Main Street and standing in line for a pork chop sandwich at Snappy’s. I love to see all the young kids wearing Mayberry t-shirts.

If you’re in town for Mayberry Days come by and say hey. I’ll be with my good friends, Debbie and Darrel Miles at Mayberry on Main on Friday…and I’ll be in the parade Saturday morning, then at The Surry Arts Council for the rest of the day. myairy809 010

Mayberry on Main:
Mount Airy:
Surry Arts Council:

To learn more about the book, visit:!  

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Book Signing at Mayberry on Main – August 29th!


I never need an excuse to visit Mount Airy. In fact, I look for reasons to make the 25 minute drive every day. On Saturday, August 29th I have a GREAT reason to make the trip! I’ll be signing books at Mayberry on Main in beautiful Downtown Mount Airy.

Darrel & Debbie Miles, owners of the store, have got to be some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met. They invited me up to do a book signing in the store and I was quick to accept. Darrel & Debbie have an awesome story about how they opened the store. Instead of me interpreting, here’s their story…straight from them:

We have been visiting Mt. Airy since 1999.   We are both Andy Griffith fans and began coming to the Mayberry Days Festival and liked coming in early every year and staying as long as we could.   In June of this year we made the permanent move from Indiana to Mt Airy. 

After 32 years at the same mfg company in Indiana, Darrel was ready for a change.   Debbie’s background is in interior design and administrative office work, so the two make a pretty well rounded pair.   They have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters, Natalie and Samantha.  They also have two grandchildren, Gregory and Gweneth, who have all moved down here to Mount Airy from Indiana. 

We had always wanted to do something (business wise) together, so we were happy to find the shop space available on North Main and we found and bought a house on North Main.    We love our home and our neighbors have been wonderful.   They have really made us feel welcome and we are happy to be a part of this wonderful community.  Our “merchant neighbors” have been supportive and encouraging to us too. Especially Russell Hiatt (aka “Floyd” of Floyd’s City Barber Shop) who has taken us under his wing and has offered a lot of advice and always adds a little humor to our day. 

For more information, visit:

I’m looking forward to spending the day in Mount Airy with my new friends and signing books for more new friends. I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about, as we always do when we see each other. Andy Griffith Show fans love to swap stories and talk about Mayberry and the show. Come by and join us on Saturday, August 29th at 192 North Main St. in Downtown Mount Airy, NC!

To learn more about the book, visit:!  

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The Number One Show on TV Land…

…is NOT “The Cougar”!!!!!!!


The Cougar is not TV Land’s number one show

So does this mean that the former classic TV network will go back to running shows that people actually want to watch? Probably not. Sorry to break the bad news to you.

The network is trying to attract the all-important “younger viewer” during its prime time slots, and thinks that shows like The Cougar and High School Reunion are the way to do it.

The only reason I can fathom that a “younger viewer” would watch those shows is to laugh at how horribly bad they are. The one time I’ve watched either of them for more than a few minutes, they didn’t try to be anything original or more than the usual reality fare. They actually try to be family-friendly reality shows devoid of any real big shocks or tastelessness, and come off creepier than they actually do. Just trying to imagine the kind of family that watches a 40-year-old woman cream over a gaggle of young meatheads makes my back hair want to jump out of its pores and commit suicide.

The ratings that dipped by more than a fourth since the premiere isn’t deterring TV Land’s heads of state from churning out more stomach churning fare. They have another reality dating show around the corner and an over-35 women’s modeling competition starting this summer. That’s also around the time the price for antacid shoots up, as well. That’s how they get ya.


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