Mount Airy Barber marks 85th birthday

by Erin C. Perkins
Mount Airy News

Similar to Floyd’s Barber Shop in the beloved town of Mayberry, Floyd’s City Barber Shop has been a staple among the attractions of downtown Mount Airy.

Its owner, Russell Hiatt, has been cutting hair for more than 60 years—both for famous visitors and town folk. But despite the celebrities who have graced his shop, it’s the loyal everyday customers he values most, which is why Wednesday was especially great for the long-time barber.

More than 30 people showed up to celebrate a surprise birthday bash for Hiatt, who turned 85-years-old yesterday.

“How many people reach the age of 85? So this is really special,” said Judy Cooley, who works at the barber shop and helped plan the surprise birthday party. “Russell is so friendly and people just love him.”

And Hiatt said he loves the people.


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One response to “Mount Airy Barber marks 85th birthday

  1. Thank you for saving this article from the Mt. Airy News! I had linked to the original and it’s no longer on their site so I’m now linking to this version.

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